YouTube Debuts New Millennial African-American Witches Series Called—‘JuJu: The Web Series’

Some new witches are in town…and they’re not from Salem- Jhe Moon Ferguson.

JuJu: The Web Series is a supernatural, dark fantasy centered around African-American women. Narrated by three sisters, Ally (Cydni Jenkins), Gigi (Nedge Victome) and Yaya (Cassandra Borgella). Written, created and directed by Jhe Moon Ferguson, the web series is focused on three millennial African-American women who are the best of friends steering the modern life in New York City.

The pilot episode starts with the women celebrating Ally’s (youngest of the trio) surprise 28th birthday party; then a strange woman crashes the celebration. The mysterious woman in cloaked in mystery, supernatural vibes holds the discovery that the girls are descendants of powerful witches from Yoruba. 

Expressed as Charmed Meets Insecure…The pilot episode proceeds with introducing the main characters and three best friends in detail all while opening the world they live in with a relatable and interesting way. Ally, Gigi and, Yaya grappling with the process of adulting and taking on the ins and outs of Black millennial women in America. The creator Jhe Moon Ferguson speaks on her newest piece at the Kick-starter campaign: 

“I wanted to experience supernatural beings who look like: witches and seers that I could relate too,” Ferguson says in her Kickstarter campaign. “Blacks and people of color are very underrepresented in the fantasy genre, a genre we genuinely love.”

Ferguson speaks on how extremely important it was to assemble a team of all Black women to help birth the show with its writing, casting, producing, directing and social media managements. Each member of the witches’ society form their own meaning of JuJu in different aspects of their personalities and lives. With this view, it captures Black representation across all platforms and all three best friends connected through their own heritage and history. Ferguson adds:

I wanted to see a world of Black supernaturals. So I created one.”

Catch ‘JuJu: The Web Series’ via YouTube.

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