African American News Channel Makes Historic Launch Created for Black People by Black People

“The Tallahassee based network will run nationwide”

Lauren McCoy, Kevan Smith, Fred Hickman, Laverne McGee, Anthony Amey, and Rarione Mauriece will be the (BNC) Black News Channel’s weekday personalities.

This past Monday, February 10, 2020, the nation’s only African American news network launched nationwide in Tallahassee. The Black News Channel (BNC) established by chairman J.C. Watts Jr. and CEO Bob Brillante set the tone for the representation of African Americans in mainstream media. 

The goal of the BNC network is to showcase the unique difficulties within urban communities and the image block that presents itself today between the unfavorable in black stereotypes among the media world. CEO/Founder Bob Brillante spoke about the newly channel:

 “The launch of Black News Channel will be not only historic but also transformational. We will shed more light on the stories that demonstrate our commonality, rather than those that highlight our differences.”

J.C. Watts Jr. discusses the impacts on the African American community:

“I have traveled around the country participating in interviews, serving on panel discussions, and sharing BNC’s mission and commitment to telling a more complete story of the African American community. There is growing interest and anticipation about the Black News Channel, as well as a palpable level of excitement about our launch.”

Back in October, J.C. Watts is a republican, speaks on the fact the news channel will not cater to political ideas. Previous, Democratic Mayor John Marks who works with the management team of the BNC says:

“We’re not looking to be Republican or Democrat. Obviously, there will be current affairs, but we are culturally specific to the African American community. MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, they may have African American faces on their news shows, but they are not necessarily covering the community from a cultural perspective, We’re not looking to be left or right.”

Ironically, the birth of the news channel coincides with Black History Month and the annual tradition of the Association for the Study of African American History founded by Carter G. Woodson. The BNC shares partnership with Jacksonville Jaguars owner, Shad Khan who also owns Four Seasons Hotel Toronto and many more properties. In conclusion, the BNC partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities internships and training opportunities for aspiring journalists. 

The BNC will be available on Dish Networks, Spectrum, Xfinity X-1, Platform Networks, and smart TVs. Lastly, the BNC network will celebrate the birth on Friday, February 21st at the Florida A&M University College of Law at 6 pm/eastern.


  1. I follow as much Black News as I can and in any media that I can. I’m getting my concerns out of the way up front, which is two-fold in that this channel is taking on a FUBU take of cliche in its “For BP-By BP” Intro, and my second thought is will you all be interviewing All at the moment, Historical Individuals, in our midst today. For example Political Prisoners in America and exile to other parts of the world, and last will you all Demand or ask for a Dialogue between the best religious minds this govt has on God and the Truth before Congress and the World with Minister Farrakhan?

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