4 Ways To Ease Your Man’s Morning ‘Wood’!

By: 50 Shades of Nai

Women, Women, Women listen up! We all know every morning our men wake up with what some might call “The Morning Wood“.

Some women don’t know how to react towards it and some men want it to go away.

These are simply four steps towards maintaining that “Wood“!!

Step 1– If you see that wood doesn’t be shy with it. You know he’s your man and your his woman that’s your wood as well as his. Don’t be shy, while he’s still sleeping it doesn’t hurt to stroke it and wake him up in the process

Step 2– Would it hurt to moisture it with some soft lips? We all know what this means don’t be afraid to let your lips do all the work.

Step 3– Ladies if your man sleeps on his back his “Morning Wood” just might be sticking up in the air. Instead of looking at it roll over and get on it. At least both of you will find this a huge thrill.

Step 4– While he’s sleeping he’s already relaxed so how about giving him a massage. Rub him DOWN!!! Moisture them muscles girl.

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