Wow! Serena Williams’s U.S Open Racket potentially to sell for 50K At Auction after ball boy sells it for $500

If you choose to live your life with no regrets, maybe for this ball boy there is an exception to that mantra.

The ball boy at the 2018 U.S Open had in his possession a coveted tennis racket that belonged to none other than Serena Williams. Justin Arrington-Holmes was the ball boy during the U.S Open’s final match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka.

During this match, Serena was frustrated and had enough of the officiating and completely snapped causing her to slam her racket and break it. The ball boy asked Williams if he could take the racket to form her and she didn’t mind since it had no use anymore. You would think to be the ball boy in that situation, you would keep the racket as a pristine collection, but money runs everything and the kid wanted to make a quick buck.

According to Newser, the boy went to a collectibles store in New York City and sold for $500. The unnamed employee at the store knew what the value moving forward would be and had intentions to resell it quickly.

The racket is going to be sold via Goldin Auctions and is projected to start at $10K. As reported by the New York Times, the auction houses owner, Ken Goldin says the racket could sell for a whopping $50K. The ball boy spoke with the times as well and hopes the seller will donate some of the money to charity saying “I just hope they are looking out for the greater good.”

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