Wait What?! Mariah Carey is Skipping Right Over Thanksgiving and Looking Straight Towards Christmas

On November 1st, Mariah Carey took to social media to share a video of herself going to sleep in her 80’s Halloween costume and waking up to a phone call from Santa Claus.  She seamlessly is seen transitioning to a Christmas cheerful onesie.

Is it safe to say that the countdown to Christmas is officially underway?  According to Mariah, it is since Halloween has come and gone.  Each year we hear her vocals in supermarkets, retail stores and everywhere else in between.  We can’t help to sing along and watch Mariah’s hit single “All I want for Christmas is you” climb up the billboard charts. 

This year, in particular, is a milestone and marks a special year for Mariah.  It is the 25th anniversary of her Christmas album, Merry Christmas

Mariah Season is looking to be in full effect as “The Inventor of Christmas” also revealed that she is starring in a commercial for Walkers Crisps.  Carey is seen in the commercial on a set singing her hit single and the theme of Christmas is on full display. 

Though Christmas over a month away, some people can’t help but excited for the most wonderful time of the year.  Are you excited for Christmas just like Mariah is?

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