The Mane Choice Founder Courtney Adeleye Partners With MAV Beauty Brands And Donates $30 Million To Black Women

The Mane Choice is one of our favorite natural hair care products here at A Lady Who Knows.

CEO/Founder Courtney Adeleye collaborates with MVA Beauty Brand. MAV Beauty Brands is an exclusive beauty brand self-care company that focuses on building and growing founder- focused brands.

On the flip side, The Mane Choice centers across North America making the brand national and global or worldwide. Adeleye’s mission is based on uplifting and building women as they pursue entrepreneurship and help establish wealth. 

With following a dream and opportunity, Adeleye collaborates with MAV Beauty Brands to support Black women in creating wealth alongside The Generational Advantage Fund. 

Adeleye says during a press release of the collaborated brands: 

“I made this move to expand the company’s reach and ultimately create more opportunities for my community, so they can get on a path to creating advantage and wealth.” 

Adeleye generously gave back by personally donating $30 million to The Generational Advantage Fund. The fund will center on mentorship, housing, personal resources, and support, financial literacy and grow capital access for entrepreneurs.

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