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Texas Teacher Wears the Same Hairstyle As Student To Prove She Is Just As Beautiful

In Sugarland, Texas things just got even sweeter. Only a few of us have been blessed by loving teachers.

Lakeview Elementary teacher, Leigh Bishop took to social media to explain the importance of representation matters. 

Pre-K student, August doesn’t just have a Black woman to instruct her in school, she has a Black female teacher who wore her exact hairstyle to show her just how beautiful she is.

Leigh Bishop said:

“Don’t be mad at me when I come to school with my hair JUST like that tomorrow….” the pre-k teacher told little August, who didn’t believe her and rolled her eyes.” 

The next day, little August and her parents were surprised Leah Bishop had the same hairstyle as little August. 

 This lovely post flooded social media comments to tell Leigh Bishop how great of a teacher she is. Leigh Bishop spoke:

“Any chance I get to make a student feel whole & important, I TAKE IT!! (Plus I REALLY loved her hair).”

 This situation is a perfect example of how social representations matter so much. It’s also important to have outstanding teachers. Every child boy or girl deserved to feel loved and August learned that from her teacher Leigh Bishop at her preschool. 

Big ups to Leigh Bishop!

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