Queen Latifah Is Set To Reboot & Produce ‘The Equalizer’ TV Series On CBS

‘The Equalizer’ is set to return on CBS, with a new twist. 

Reported by CBS, the tv production company decided to revamp the original series with the one and only Hip-Hop icon Queen Latifah. Queen is also rumored to star and executive produce the show. 

‘The Equalizer’ classic series began back in 2014, written by Miller and Marlowe. The series features Queen Latifah as a cryptic protagonist who uses her super skills to aid those when they’ve had nowhere else to turn. 

This plot is a new turn for the upcoming series especially the character played Edward Woodward in the original series and Denzel Washington in the movie sequels.

 The TV series which was created by Michael Sloan and Lindheim, also aired for four straight seasons from 1985 to 1989.

 The 80s series featured Robert McCall being played by Edward Woodward who is a retired CIA agent with a questionable past. He also uses the elite skills from his prior career to bring justice to innocent people who can be trapped in extremely dangerous circumstances. 

Besides ‘The Equalizer’ Queen Latifah just finished played Ursula in live-action “The Little Mermaid”. 

We can’t wait to see this series! 

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