‘OITNB’ Star Danielle Brooks Talks Maternity Line, Becoming A Mother And Pregnancy Style

This past July, Danielle Brooks slays maternity style on the red carpet to celebrate “Orange Is The New Black” Season 7 premiere wearing a silver baby-hugging gown and a giant hat. 

“That was literally all Christian [Siriano]’s vision, and I just went with it, but when there’s that much material and you’re covered from head to toe, it’s too hot! We joke about it now, but I was burning up. I loved every minute of wearing it, but was very ready to come out of that dress [post-premiere].”

The OITNB star will welcome her baby girl any day now and while preparing for a baby, Brooks learned about maternity dressing which landed her a new collaboration with Universal Standard. Back in 2017, Brooks partnered with the company on a capsule for the famous exclusive brand new Fit Liberty (Mom).

Brooks, (30) tells reporters:

“I’ve had such an incredible time working with them because these women [founders Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler] have such brilliant minds and are really forward-thinking when it comes to the fashion industry. I had been waiting to align with a company that really walks the walk and talks the talk and is for every woman.”

Universal Standard was started in 2015 and ranges in sizes from 00 to 40 and the Fit Liberty program gives shoppers the advantage to exchange items for a bigger or smaller size for free within one year from purchase. Danielle Brooks talks on the partnership: 

“As women, our bodies are always changing, from when we’re having growth spurts as teenagers to becoming mothers and everything in between. And to have a brand that wants to go along with you for that journey, I really appreciate that.”

Co-founders, Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler speak about their achievement, “This is not about maternity clothing,” added Waldman. “This is clothing in really magical fabrics that allow you to keep the style you have without having to compromise or spend extra money on things you may never wear again. So when Danielle said, ‘This is something worth sharing with other women going through pregnancy,” we thought, ‘Perfect, tell us what you think are the most practical pieces.’” 

The Universal Standard and Brooks team collaboration includes curve-hugging midi dresses, easy jumpsuits, layering basics, and button-down tunics all ranging from $30-$185. The goal for Brooks was choosing items that celebrate a “mom-to-be” changing body. Brooks said:

 “I hid my pregnancy for five months while doing Shakespeare in the Park, basically wearing muumuus and layers,” she recalled. “So when I decided to announce it, I really wanted to show off my bump! I want to wear fitted clothes that are still comfortable and that makes me feel supported.”

Machine-washability was also a priority. “Along with pregnancy, there’s a lot of new bumps and hills,” Brooks laughs. “I’m dropping things on my clothing a lot, which makes me nervous because you don’t want to damage your great dress. The material Universal uses are worth every penny because I can just throw it in the washer and it’s fine … [even] as you transition into post-pregnancy and are dealing with spit-up and milk. The minute that pregnancy test said ‘pregnant,’ I was in flats, “No heels, no Spanx — and bra extenders have become my best friend!” Brooks said.

Overall Brooks loved switching up her style over the past eight months or more. This experience is life-changing for the actress and she couldn’t be more excited about her new future with her baby girl.

Brooks wanted to make a line that fits for plus-size moms, moms whose bodies are transiting. Lastly, Brooks also explains “It’s just so innovative. It’s ahead of the game and it’s so refreshing, especially as a plus-size woman to be working with a brand that’s thinking light-years ahead.”

Danielle Brooks x Universal Standard Fit Liberty (Mom) capsule collection can be purchased at www.universalstandard.com

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