Megan Thee Stallion Stars in Her First Major Fashion Campaign

The Transition from Hot Girl Summer into what seems to be Hot Girl Fall is an effortless one for originator behind it all.  Megan Thee Stallion is looking to take over the holiday season on top of what has been an amazing year for the Houston native. 

On Monday, November 4, Coach unveiled its The #WonderForAll campaign. This campaign not only features Megan, but also Yara Shahidi, Fernanda Ly, Kate Moss, and Miles Heizer. The wintry campaign, which was shot by German photographer Juergen Teller,

In the campaign, Megan appears on a merry-go-round pony, which in comparison to her name is equivalent to “Thee Stallion.” Posing with her very long braided ponytail, Megan is spotted wearing a black vinyl coat and thigh-high boots, showing off Coach’s new product, the Tabby bag. The price point for the bag is $395 and is a modern take on the brand’s 1970s Coach design.

This may be The Stallion’s first commercial debut but she made her impact in the fashion world known a few months back.  She was photographed next to Anna Wintour during New York Fashion Week in an Instagram post she captioned “Hot Girl Anna.”

Meg is continuing to make big moves both as an artist and as a brand for herself and for her fans.   One thing that seems consistent is that this campaign is looking to be Hot girl approved!

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