Lauryn Hill Drops A New Single In Six Years

Lauryn Hill goes down as one of the most influential voices of hip-hop music and when she comes out with anything of rarity we have to listen. 

In the preview of the new movie Queen and Slim, the soundtrack debuts a number of talented artists including the iconic Lauryn Hill.  

This month, Hill released her first solo song in almost half a decade for the soundtrack.

From jer impressive discography and becoming one of the biggest influences among hip-hop music, Ms. Hill has only released ONE solo full album in 1998 called The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Sources from Rolling Stone say Hill has been performing this new song ‘Guarding the Gates‘ during live performances for a few years now.

Queen & Slim (2019)

The new single ‘Guarding the Gates’ was released earlier this month apart from the new movie Queen & Slim soundtrack. A romantic thriller featuring ‘Black Panther’ star Daniel Kaluuya who confronts injustices of race and police brutality. The lyrics of ‘Guarding the Gates’ birthed by Hill refers to Queen and Slim as the Black “Bonnie & Clyde” who find love through social injustices.

All of these subjects are extremely personal to Lauryn Hill and Black culture. Hill also dedicated her last single in 2014 “Black Rage” to Ferguson. 

Hill always produces greatness. Her single is available on Spotify and Apple Music. The film, Queen and Slim comes out in theaters on November 27th! 

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