14-Year-Old Sydney Wilson Becomes the Youngest Student to Attend Spelman College

Miss Sydney Wilson was still living a normal 14-year old life when she got the call that will change her life.

Sydney ran track, played elite soccer and the captain of her school’s robotics team. Like most kids her age, they are preparing to embark high school in the fall, instead, Sydney is making history by becoming the youngest student to ever attend Spelman College.

During an interview with rolling out, Sydney says:

“I was really excited, It took me a couple of days to really process what was happening. But after I did, then I started feeling more proud of myself.”

Overall, Sydney remained a straight-A student while taking high school courses. Because her grades show that she can handle more work and committed colleges started offering Sydney scholarships at just 13 years old. Sydney eventually chose Spelman college once the school sent her acceptance letters just weeks after she turned 14.

“I’m excited to be a part of the sisterhood and excited to challenge myself,” Wilson said. “I want to learn more about biology and indulge in Black culture. I want to see different Black people from different areas. And I just want to know more about Black America.”

Sydney always likes to offer advice to parents on motivating their children and education.

“Sometimes parents think that they can distance themselves from what their children are doing at school,” Sydney said. “With the support of family, it makes it a lot easier.”

“With my parents, they have done a pretty good job of balancing, making sure that I still can do things where I’m a kid and also challenge me academically. So I think that you should take into consideration your child’s limits and get involved in their schoolwork. Talk to their teachers. You have to really be a part of their education if you want them to excel.”

Kudos to you, Sydney!


  1. Good for u honey just keep doing ur best n the sky will always be the limit for u. Congratulations n Mom n Dad props to u too many blessings to u all 🤗🙏🌈🙏

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