Tatyana Ali & Her Husband Welcomes Baby Number Two

Tatyana Ali welcomes her second child with Vaughn Rasberry. During an interview with Essence, the actress revealed that her son, Alejandro Vaughn Raspberry was born on August 15th of this year.

“Vaughn and I are gushing with joy over the birthday of our newest family member.”

The Fresh Prince alum detailed her first birth experience in an essay that is published on Essence.

“I decided to share my first birth experience and some of what I’ve learned during this pregnancy in an essay posted by @essence this morning. I feel compelled to share the information I’ve been given these past months.”

Ali also shared her reasoning on the way she decided to have a home birth.

“After being educated in this new paradigm, I felt deeply in my heart that midwifery care in the Black birthing tradition and a VBAC birth in my own home would be the best choice for me and my family this time around. Previously, my husband and I took classes that made birth seem like at best a medical procedure, and at worst a battle royal. This time, I feel that I am actually preparing for motherhood. This time, we are preparing for a rite that speaks to the psychological, physical and spiritual transformation that will take place. This time, instead of planning for a medical procedure, I am planning for the birth of my baby and my birth as a mother.”

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