NASA Announces It’s First All-Female Space Walk Is Happening This Month

Way back in March, the first all-female spacewalk was supposed to happen. Well, it was pushed back to this month!

This week, NASA announced the first all-female spacewalk will be rescheduled for October 21st with duo astronauts, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. Back in March, Christina Koch and former astronaut Anne McClain, were set to conduct the first all-female spacewalk as a duo but there was only one size medium spacesuit, unfortunately (the size Koch and McClain both needed to perform).

Christina Koch did it instead with astronaut Nick Hague. Women around the world were not happy about the last-minute decision. According to CNN, there are currently two medium spacesuits now available so there won’t be any more wardrobe malfunctions. We’re in 2019, and somehow there still we haven’t witnessed a spacewalk with just completely all women. 

Turn your TVs on CNN October 21,  to witness the first-ever all-female space walk make history! 

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