Here For It! Lupita Nyong’O Debuts New Children’s Book ‘Sulwe’

Among being an actress in Jordan Peele’s movies and from being the epicenter of Beyonce’s song, what else can’t Lupita Nyong’o do?

Academy Award winner debuts new children’s book “Sulwe” and we are thrilled. Lupita made an announcement via Instagram the book is centered on children to love the skin they’re in, feel comfortable and confident.

Lupita opens up about her past struggles with accepting and appreciating her dark brown skin. The ultimate goal and firsthand experience for Lupita is to send a message to children and adults it is important to become confident in your skin and own it.

Back in 2014, upon winning an Oscar (best-supporting actress in ‘Twelve Years A Slave’) Lupita spoke about her best self breakout appearance during Essence magazine’s seventh annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon. At the time of her speech, she speaks about former struggles with the skin she’s in. 

Lupita chats about how she prayed to God to “wake up lighter-skinned”. It wasn’t until she saw model, Alek Wek and the appreciation people in the mainstream media have of her that Lupita began embracing her unique beauty.

The actress sat down with Oprah on “Oprah Primetime Spotlight: At Home With Oprah” and spoke about her upcoming book ‘Sulwe’. Sulwe is about a little girl who is the darkest skin in her family who finds her inner-beauty The duo spoke about entertainment colorism in today’s working Hollywood. The purpose to push through it.

After a notable win for Academy Award for her outstanding role as Red/Adelaide Wilson in Jordan Peele’s raw chiller Us. The two-part special will air on Saturday, October 26th at 8 pm on OWN.

For an even deeper look, listen to Oprah SuperSoul Conversations podcast chat with Lupita Nyong’o on Monday, October 28th.

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