How to Have Confidence in The Bedroom

By: 50shadeof_nai

I know I speak for a lot of my ladies when I say “sometimes I can be a bit shy in the bedroom.” Whether a shy person or not, females sometimes are not too comfortable about their “appearance” that we become self-conscious about it during sex. We all may have that sweetheart that loves us “just the way we are,” but deep down inside that isn’t going to cease how we feel when it’s time to strip. I came across a few women who have told me that they can be around their significant other every single day and feel completely comfortable, but as soon as it’s time to hit the bedroom they feel this sense of regret. Well, ladies, it is time for us to stop regretting, get that confidence back, and OWN that bedroom.

LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN. Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is time we practice what we preach. Ladies I do not care how big or how small you are, love yourself FIRST. God created us in his image, ALWAYS be proud of who you are. Confidence is more attractive than actual appearance so love yourself and be sexy doing so. Before anybody can love and appreciate you, you first must love and appreciate you. Stop being so concerned with what video vixens, models, singers/rappers look like and be happy with what YOU look like. If the world wasn’t so wrapped on how “hot” the “typical” MEDIA female looks like, you wouldn’t be either!

LINGERIE. After becoming comfortable in the skin you’re in, show it off. Nothing says “SEXY” like a nice lingerie outfit. Men LOVE to see some nice lace wrapped around soft skin. There are plenty of lingerie sets for all shapes and sizes; one to fit every curve on that body! I guarantee by the end of the night you’ll feel sexier than ever.

MUSIC. Maybe it’s just me, but I need all of my ladies to try this one out. Put on a playlist of your favorite slow songs that you cannot resist. Sometimes music puts you in that “MOOD” you need to feel comfortable. Music is one of the best mood relaxers and if the right song is playing, you forget what you were even nervous about. It is an escape key used to get out of anything you are holding back inside.

NO, YOU FIRST. Another way you can practice coming out of your shell is by initiating the sex. We always wait for him to make the first move and it is all so typical and traditional. Ladies, I believe it’s time for a new tradition! Surprise your “HIM” by initiating the first move. Don’t wait for him to get ready, go in and put your moves to the test. These guys go crazy over a woman who knows what she wants.

GUIDE HIM & RIDE HIM! Ladies, show your man what you came there for; let him know that you know EXACTLY what you are doing. Each position he tries to put you in, take half of them, dominate, and make it into your own. Do not let him take all the credit, do all the work for a change. At least this time he won’t be able to brag to his friends about how he handled you, but how you handled him ?

After all the praise you’ll get from owning the room that night, your confidence will rise. Your man will brag so much about how his lady is the perfect mate that you’ll forget why you even started all this in the first place.

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