Meet Towanda Braxton’s Mystery Boyfriend, Sean Hall

Towanda Braxton is boo’d up!

The reality star finally revealed her mystery boyfriend of over a year on WeTV’s reality show, “Braxton Family Values.” Her longtime bae is actually a friend of the family – music producer, Sean Hall. He is also the cousin of producer Christopher “Tricky” Stewart.

It was Towanda’s little sister Tamar Braxton who figured it out. During a conversation with Sean, Tamar tricked him with a question and he ended up telling on himself.

Tamar: “If y’all want somebody to keep y’all secret, I am her! You say you had been here, you had the sherbert drink … that’s her drink. I am here for the secret, ’cause I ain’t stupid. I ain’t gonna tell nobody. I ain’t gonna tell nobody. I promise.”

Now the couple is public and sharing photos of them together via social media.

Good for you, Towanda!

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