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How To Achieve Your Goals Quickly!

“Turn your 10-Year plan into a 6 month goal!”

How much time does it actually take to accomplish a goal? And, how much time do you REALLY have? Think about it, assess! Where is all your time going?

How Much Time Do You Have?

Think about, the average month has 30 days at 24 hours per day. That is 720 hours per month! (30 x 24 = 720hrs).

Now, let’s break down our 720 hours!

Sleep: Imagine you sleep for 8 hours a day, that takes up 240 hours. Leaving you with 480 hours!  (720240 = 480hrs).

Work: Say you work a full-time job at 40 hours a week! That will take up 160 hours, leaving you with 320 hours. (480160 = 320hrs).

Eating: Now we all have to eat, let’s estimate that we spend 2 hours a day eating! That will take up 60 hours, leaving us with 280hrs. (32060 = 280hrs).

Commute: If you’re a busy bee on the coast of California or taking on the Big Apple, then a commute maybe in your equation! So let us factor in a commute at 3 hours a day, that takes up 90 more hours. This leaves you with 190 hours. (28090 = 190). Be mindful of the time spent on your commute and how you can maximize this opportunity to be creative outside of work/home.

Can you read or listen to an audio book? Can you write? Schedule a phone call or text a few family members or business partners to enhance relationships? Don’t monitor this time, but definitely do not let it go to waste!

So now the question is what are you doing with those 280 – 190 hours within your month?!

**Think that is a week worth of time per month**

At 280 hours per month, that is 3,360 hours per year! 

At 190 hours per month, that is 2,280 hours per year! 

I’m sure that is a lot to think about, but let’s get cracking on how you effectively use/achieve this time! It will take discipline, mindfulness and determination.

But first, put the phone away!

We all know technology is taking over our lives we use to use cellphones in case of emergencies. Now, we use our cellphones before brushing our teeth. (You’re nasty, and you know it). But, seriously put the phone away. The man/woman texting you will still be there, your IG likes will grow the longer your away from the device, your friends can wait and your family will understand.  Think about how many hours, minutes and seconds you WASTE lost in the screen of your cellphone.

What Do You Do With Your 280 hours?

“Being successful doesn’t make you manage your time well. Managing your time well makes you successful.” – Randy Pausch

If you do not know you have a problem, you cannot change.

Be real with yourself, you have problem. If you can’t admit to the problem. You’ll always have one.

We all have problems and we have to be the first to admit it.

We’re all addicted to something and probably many things!

Now imagine this, the doctor calls and says you only have 6 months to live! Think about your 10 year plans, will you get them done? You’d probably reevaluate get rid of a lot of baggage within your life.

But,  before you can appreciate your time and the brief moment we have on this planet. You need to actually VALUE your time.

In order to value your time, you need:

  • A belief system about the purpose of your existence (“If you have more than 3 priorities, you have none” — Jim Collins). You can’t have priorities if you don’t have a value-system.
  • A belief about how should you be using your time
  • A desire to live and learn
  • A disregard for how (most) people perceive you (Who gives a f%#K about how people feel about you? That is their problem not yours!)
  • A willingness to continue learning
  • A goal you’re striving to accomplish (a “mission” or “purpose” that gives you something to dedicate yourself to).

If you don’t have a guiding purpose, you’ll be aimless with your time.

If you have a true goal, that you believe is important and extremely valuable to you,  THEN you will be able to value and use your time.

If you don’t have a guiding purpose, you’ll be aimless with your time.

Now, think about those hours your wasting with friends and meaningless conversation. Make it more meaningful, productive – If you can’t build with them, don’t chill with them!

And, remove everything from your life that hinders you from achieving your goals. If you do not optimize your focus you will be distracted.

Put It All Together

How do you achieve stuff 10X or 100X faster than “normal?”

  • You must have something that drives you
  • You must operate with a “deathbed mentality” and not undervalue your time
  • You must be willing to experiment and fail continually
  • You can’t be a coward, which means you go against your intuition because you fear what others think.
  • You need to be an intense and wise learner, which means you get the best information from the best resources and apply immediately what you learn

You have to DISCOVER time to march towards your dreams. So let’s get to it!

Personally, I gained majority of this insight from Benjamin P. Hardy.

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