Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘APESHIT’ Teaches Us a Lesson in Art History

With the On the Run II Tour underway, Beyonce and Jay Z surprised us all when they announced over the weekend that their new joint album ‘Everything Is Love’ is now available on Tidal. Not only did the power couple drop an album, they also released a six-minute-long visual for their single “APESHIT.”

Who can empty out Musee du Lourve to shoot a film? The Carters, that’s who.  Jay and Bey took us on a tour featuring Galerie d’Apron to Mona Lisa. There were so many artworks featured in the visuals and we know with every detailed shot there’s a meaning behind it.

One fan broke down every moment in the video. Here’s a quick lesson in art history ft. Beyonce and Jay Z:

Watch ‘APESHIT’ below:

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