11 Ways to DIY the Best Fruit Water Ever!

Now that the summer is around the corner, it is important to stay hydrated. Like myself you are probably tired of drinking H20 all the time. Without having to add sugar and all these different preservatives here is a fun way to drink water. Just add fruit to the mix!

Adding fruit to your water not only adds color, but it is a great way to detox and get the recommended amount of water in your system. So get rid of all the soda and juice in your fridge and replace them with fruit water.

Check out 11 ways to get creative with fruit water this summer.

Cucumber and Lemon Water

Lime, Raspberry, and Mint (Mint help curb cravings and help with digestion)

Orange and Blueberries

Strawberry and Kiwi


Cucumber, Raspberry, and Grape

Strawberry, Basil, and Orange


Apple and Cinnamon

Pineapple, Mint and Ginger

Orange, Lemon, and Lime

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