Signs Your Guy Is Selfish In the Bedroom

Ever just laid in bed staring at the ceiling wondering, WTF did you just get yourself into? Meanwhile, your partner is at your side sound asleep. He charmed his way into your life and into your bedroom only for you to regret this whole situation even happened.

The truth is some men don’t care enough about pleasing their partners. They are conditioned to seek out sex that is about pleasing them. Now, let’s be VERY CLEAR… this article is not about bashing men. However, if you were to ask a woman if she cums every time she has sex, she would probably laugh at you.

Men enjoy sex because they cum EVERY TIME! Women would enjoy sex more, if they climaxed every time they got it on.

Here are the signs that your partner is selfish in the bedroom.

1, He asks for massages, but never returns the favor.

2. Fore-play to him is not important. He just fingers you, not for pleasure or orgasm, but just for him to have sex.

3. He’s always encouraging you to perform, but shows no interest in performing cunnilingus.

4. He finishes, rolls over and goes to sleep. With no care about whether you finished or not.

Ladies, speak up and express your needs to your mate, otherwise you’ll be putting up with sexual deprivation all your life.


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