Issa Rae Says “Black Women and Asian Men Should Join Forces in Love,” Twitter ERUPTS!

Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty

When we noticed that Issa Rae was trending on twitter, we just knew that she announced the date for Season 3 of her hit show Insecure on HBO.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The actress was in the hot seat following an excerpt that was blasted on Twitter from a memoir she released three years ago.

The memoir is titled “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girls” and in a passage she suggests that “Black women and Asian men should join forces in love, marriage and procreation. Educated Black women, what better intellectual match for you than an Asian man?”

Read pages from the excerpt below:

While many sided with Issa Rae, some folks believed it was satirical and her intentions was to simply spark a conversation about interracial dating.

Others expressed their frustrations with the passage, but what was even more vexatious was the comments from Black men:

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