DJ Oliva Dope Discusses Love For Music, Chasing Your Dreams & More! [Exclusive Interview]

#LivDope is the slogan our Ladi Of The Month lives by!

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Born Tamika Haywood and also known as DJ Olivia Dope, the Brooklyn native proves that loving what you do is the way to pure happiness. It’s hard to stay focus while figuring out what your purpose in life is’ but DJ Olivia Dope is a living testimony that success is in fact attainable.

The multi-talented celebrity DJ turned her 5-9 into a full time career about three years ago and made a decision to never look back. She went from rocking the club part time to full time! She started out as a dancer, but it was the love for music that led to her to her purpose. Being of West Indian descent of Guyanese heritage, the #LivDope curator was introduced to different genres of music such as reggae, soca and calypso at a very young age. Music has always been the motivation for Ms. Dope.

                                                                                (Photo Credit: Eva Woolridge)

“My love for music started a very long time ago. When I was a little kid, I started off dancing ballet, tap, jazz as early as four years old. It was then I knew that music was my everything.”

Before it all, Olivia was a professional hip-hop dancer, who’ve had the opportunity to work with some of our favorite celebs including Chris Brown and Shaggy. After dancing for awhile, she had a couple of her DJ friends show her the ropes. The dancer gave the DJ booth a chance, it was then her career catapulted. It went from a hobby to a full blown career. Olivia Dope’s talents have caught the eye of notable celebrities in the industry such as Rita Ora, Russell Simmons, Jennifer Hudson, Essence Magazine, Lil Kim, Angela Simmons and so much more!

“It’s the music. It all comes back to the music and the power that music has. For me to throw on a song and instantly connect with someone in the room. It could be the person next to me or the person behind the bar. You just instantly connect with because of music.”

During our shoot with Olivia Dope, our team knew that she definitely lives up to her name. She’s Dope! The inspiration behind her name is from Scandal’s, Ms. Fix It also known as Olivia Pope, who’s played by Kerry Washington. What’s very unique about her name is the meaning behind Dope:


                                                                               (Photo Credit: Eva Woolridge)

“Positives, good vibes, loving yourself, showing love to others…. Dope means more than just being cool. It’s about being [D]riven [O]n [P]ositive [E]nergy “

The best part about DJing is that she gets to spend more time with her daughter, Ava. When we asked Olivia what she loves most about being a mom, she said ‘raising someone who is just like you but better!’

“I am a big fan of moms in the industry. There is nothing more amazing than a super human. Having someone that you literally created (is) an image of you but better. Like the 2.0 of you…. Of course when you have kids you want them to be better than you. So raising someone who is just like you is amazing.”

                                                                               (Photo Credit: Eva Woolridge)

The journey of self-discovery is the most fulfilling experience in the world. Every woman must dig deep to understand who they are, understand their abilities, feelings and character and gain knowledge. Olivia advises every woman to go on an “eat, love and pray trip” alone to figure out who you are.

“I think every woman should do a ‘eat love and pray trip.’ Just go on a week-long trip by yourself and have some alone time. Time to really discover who you are, have time to think and be one with your thoughts. Because once you know who you are, sky is the limit. You can do anything. You are not fearful of anything. You can conquer the world once you get rid of the fear of what ifs.”

“If you have trust in yourself and confidence in yourself, you can reach the highest heights.”


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