Tease And Then Treat Yourself; Kick Your Masturbation Routine Up A Notch

While you’re working on self-love this year, get sexy with yourself. Turn off the lights. Pull the covers over your head and bend you knees. You can either fantasize about a recent sexual encounter or watch a porn scene on your laptop. Before you get all grossed out, let me break down the benefits of masturbating and why woman should do it regularly.

Not only do you become more comfortable with your body, but it releases sexual tension and stress. It helps you sleep better, relieves menstrual cramps and muscle tension. Furthermore, it makes you happy. After awhile though, it can become a routine and boring. You DESERVE a satisfying experience. So why not have some fun and switch things up!

Use A Lubricant

Because many are grossed out about the experienced or ashamed, they take the quickest way out. Make time to indulge. Use a water-based lubricant and focus your fingers on clitoral, external and anal stimulation. More stimulation comes opportunity for more than one orgasms. You can have multiple orgasms back to back. Along with the lubricant, incorporate a g-spot vibrator or clitoral stimulator.

Move Your Body, Focus On More Than Just Your Clitoris

Get your swerve on. During sex you’re not completely still, are you? Move you’re a$$, hips and pelvis while you touch yourself. And don’t just focus on your clit, caress your hips and breasts.

Double Up

Get adventurous and stimulate multiple areas at once. Use one vibrator inside your vagina and
use another on your clit.

No Rush.. Slow down then REPEAT

Take your time and tease yourself. Get yourself close to an orgasm and then stop for a bit and then resume. By doing this several times will help build pressure and come harder than ever, giving yourself an explosive orgasm.

This all might seem a bit silly. But who cares, lock the door and indulge.

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