Jackee Harry Confirms ‘Sister, Sister’ Reboot In The Works [VIDEO]

Go home Roger!!!!

In recent interview with Steve Harvey, Jackee Harry confirms that the ‘Sister, Sister’ reboot is currently in the works.

“Yeah, it’s happening. I’m excited. Tia and Tamera are my babies. They won’t leave me alone. I can’t get rid of none of these women!”

The Mowrys’ have been working together to relaunch the iconic show for some time now. ‘Sister, Sister’ originally ran from 1994 to 1999, which follows identical twins, whom were separated at birth.

Tia told US Weekly exclusively in November,

“[It’s] amazing and wonderful. My sister and I are taking meetings as we speak, so it’s definitely closer than ever to making this reboot happen. We are being told that they want it to be or happen next year in the fall. So, it’s going by so fast, everything. We’re talking about working with the producers who were producers on the show 15, 20 years ago. Just to be sitting in these meetings with them 20 years later, it’s crazy,” she added.

“I think fans will love it because I just feel very blessed and honored that people are still following my sister and I 20 years later. So I think they’ll be excited to see where we are right now and to see our dynamic right now. We’re just excited to just give back to the fans and make them happy, that’s really one of the main reasons why we’re doing it.”

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